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RAF Cranwell Cot. c.1930 0001

From Europe’s first ever genetic counselling clinic to using the power of modern-day genetic technology, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has always been at the forefront of improving care for children with genetic conditions.

Genetic medicine has undergone a revolution over the past two decades. Here’s a round-up of key events from the 19th century right up to today.

A transplanted photoreceptor (green) amongst the cells of the retina (red and blue)

GOSHCC Professor of Developmental Biology and Genetics, Jane Sowden, is part of a research team who have shown for the first time that transplanting light-sensitive photoreceptors into the eyes of visually impaired mice can restore their vision.


My youngest child, Dominic (5) and more recently his two older siblings (Lilia 7 and Elliot 9) are lucky enough to be counted among the thousands of children that Great Ormond Street Hospital looks after every year.


New research carried out by a team at the UCL Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital’s research partner, has added weight to the argument in favour of genetic testing of children before they are treated with certain antibiotics.


Family living conditions in childhood are associated with significant effects in DNA that persist well into middle age, according to new research by Canadian scientists based at McGill University in Montreal & University of British Columbia in Vancouver and British scientists at the UCL Institute of Child Health in London (Great Ormond Street Hospital’s research partner).

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