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Kerry, past patient and student nurse outside GOSH

Kerry was diagnosed with NEC (necrotising enterocolitis), a serious condition in which tissues in the intestine become inflamed, soon after birth. Kerry underwent three operations at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and returned for regular check-ups throughout her childhood. Inspired by her time at GOSH, Kerry decided to pursue a career as a nurse and returned to GOSH as a student nurse. Here she shares her story.

Dean Marathon cake sale

With only weeks to go to the Marathon, the training is still going well. I ran a good half marathon on Sunday and I was pleased with the time as it was the hottest day of the year so far. Fingers crossed it’s cooler on the 13th!

Dean Lawson 2

The training is still going well, it’s been really cold up here in Wales but that hasn’t stopped me pounding the streets of Wrexham. I ran 15 miles on Sunday in just over two hours, which was brilliant as I’m aiming for sub-four hours on the day.

Dean Lawson 1

After our previous marathon blogger Clare suffered an injury and unfortunately had to pull out of the London Marathon, we recruited Dean to share his journey with us. Here’s his first update.

Running small

So after three weeks off training, and a lot of swimming and cycling under my belt, I finally made a return to running this week.


Following an energetic New Year’s Day run, my second week of training was off to a great start and I felt healthy and fit, until injury struck!

Winter running

Well, it’s been a tough couple of weeks where exercise is concerned.

Cake sale at work

Since my last update, my training and fundraising has kicked off to a great start.

Cream tea in Cornwall

So, I’m back from my holiday in Cornwall. Rather unsurprisingly while I was away I found myself also having a little holiday from training and only managed one run. It was a great little route along the Camel Trial in Padstow and according to Strava I did a fairly decent pace (although I think Strava is a little generous with its distances).

Kat's split times

Following last Sunday’s British 10K I was feeling pretty low about running this week. I know running conditions weren’t ideal but I was really disappointed with my time and my confidence took a bit of a bash. Despite all my training sessions going well I couldn’t really shake the negativity I was feeling about my running abilities.

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